Specialty Construction Services

Lacy Specialty Contractors for Every Specialty Building Need

The construction business is always changing, and after 70 years, we don’t have just one building specialty — we have many, which we blend across every job. For instance, we took techniques used in a wildlife visitor center and applied it to funeral home construction. If your specialty contractor has a narrow focus, he may be missing out on important innovations that you’ll want in your project.

We’re in Specialty Construction Because It’s Special

There are best practices, code requirements, and communication strategies we take with us on every building project. But no matter what standard construction practices we apply, we know that your project is unique. We start from that perspective. Specialty construction does not mean cookie-cutter construction. Our customers deserve better.

Specialty Contractors for Your Specialty Building Needs

You know what you need in a building, or you wouldn’t be in the business you are in. But there are some details, like complicated city codes, that you probably don’t want to be troubled with, like material requirements, soundproofing and proximity to public space. Leave those details to us. We’ll make sure your building meets all of the special requirements related to its purpose.

Put Lacy Construction to Work for You

Whether you’re building a funeral home, a historic museum, a wildlife visitor center, or any other type of specialty building that just doesn’t seem to fit the mold, Lacy Construction has the specialty construction chops to make your project a success. We’ve been specialty contractors for a long time. Everything we’ve learned, and everything we will learn tomorrow, go into each Lacy specialty construction project day in and day out.