Industrial Construction Services

A Leader Among Industrial Construction Companies

Whether you need a manufacturing plant or a warehouse center, a food-grade facility, or an efficient assembly line, Lacy Construction stands out among Midwest industrial construction companies. Our industrial construction design team focuses on day-to-day business to help consolidate operations and increase productivity. After more than 70 years in construction, it’s easy to say Lacy is a well-oiled machine.

Industrial Design and Construction and Getting to Know Your Business

Lacy Construction builds a variety of industrial buildings suited for heavy-hitting jobs. In fact, our tough-as-nails portfolio features buildings that have helped produce some of the nation’s top products in agriculture and machinery. If you need your building forged in steel, we know all about grit. Building a food processing industry? Safety is probably your top priority. In short, we make it our business to understand your business … then we start building.

Lacy’s Industrial Construction Services

At Lacy, our industrial construction services aren’t about the “what” we’re building, or the “who” we’re building it for. We can tackle almost any industrial project. Instead, it’s about the “why.” We’re here to improve your business, starting with designing a lean building that fits into an even leaner budget. And we know deadlines are important, so we deliver on every construction deadline — after all, we know you’re in the business of building things, too.

Put the Lacy Industrial Construction Team to Work for You

After 70 years in the business, we’re experts on most every ambiguous regulation in the industrial industry. Whether you’re processing food or manufacturing paint, building tractors, or warehousing parts, put our industrial construction team to the test. Give us a call. Lacy Construction is here to help.