School Construction Projects

School Building Design and Construction Must Change as Education Changes

When it comes to school construction, Lacy aces the project. We continually bury our nose in school planning publications to stay on top of the latest trends. For instance, we’re in the know that 6 percent of the high schools built in 2015 opted to exclude a library. Instead, media centers are growing in popularity with computer stations and fiber optic cable taking precedent over shelf space. So when it comes to school construction, consider us well educated.

Lacy Balances School Construction Costs With Student Needs

School construction costs can add up, especially when the scope requires more than just a typical classroom setting. Even an art room, an auditorium addition or a school gymnasium can increase construction costs. But don’t worry, at Lacy Construction, we have these elements down to a science, and we’ll work with you to manage school construction costs.

We Deliver School Building Design for the Future of Education

If you’re like other schools, you’re probably trying to figure out how to repurpose an outdated space, like the photo lab that still smells of stop bath chemicals. We specialize in school building design — creative when it comes to renovations, smart when we’re dealing with new builds. In short, we maximize multi-purpose design to make the most of every space.

Put Lacy Construction to Work for You

Everything we’ve ever learned during the last 70 years gets added to our school construction workbook. We grow. We improve. We excel. And we’d like to pour all of that knowledge into your next school construction project. Whether you are building a new school or renovating an existing one, Lacy Construction is here to help.

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