Retail Construction Services

Lacy Construction Stands out Among Midwest Retail Contractors

At Lacy Construction, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to retail construction. Your brand is unique, and you have a meticulous vision for how you want to display merchandise. So it’s no wonder you’re looking for one of the most reputable retail contractors to make a solid impression on your customers. At Lacy Construction, 70 years of retail construction sets us apart.

Just Ask Our Clients, We’re Well Versed in Retail Construction

Our client list includes trusted retail names like Mazda, Sinclair, Skagway, and Ace Hardware. From grocery stores to retail centers, from truck stops to gas stations, our retail construction experience runs the gamut, so we’re experienced in every retail construction requirement. In fact, we think of retail construction as specialty construction …

Retail Construction Blurs Into Specialty Construction

Take, for instance, a grocery store build. From aisle spacing to display cases, from backroom refrigeration to all of the baking necessities, Lacy’s design-build team is renowned for focusing on the details that blend customer experience with store operations. Like our retail clients, Lacy Construction stops at nothing to please the customer and that includes you.

Fast-Track Retail Construction to Get Business Running

Lacy Construction is made up of more than 50 hard-working employees, and the company teams up more than 120 trusted partners, including subcontractors and industry vendors, to ensure that your retail project stays on its fast-track construction schedule. We know that endless preparation goes into your opening date, so enlist Lacy Construction, the retail contractor with more than 70 years of nailing deadlines and meeting budgets.