Commercial Contractor Nebraska Ford

Friesen Ford

Aurora, Nebraska
Scope: New 18,751-square-foot auto dealership
Architect: Emsick Architects
Project Completion: November 2015

The building features a combination of burnished block and horizontal wall panels to accent Varco Pruden’s Panel Rib™ wall panels and SSR™ roof system. The building also includes a glass storefront for the showroom with the new Ford branded entryway.

Commercial Contractor Nebraska Ford 2

During the construction process, there were the normal building challenges, but none were more daunting than the weather. A record-setting 54 inches of rain fell at the site during construction.

The most difficult task was the construction of the parking lot. Thanks to our GPS guided grading and concrete placement systems, we were able to set new company records for placement of the outside parking area.

We are pleased that this project was recognized by Varco Pruden for its excellence in design and construction. Congratulations to Jason Friesen and the entire design-build team!