Government / Municipal Construction Projects

From Library Construction to Sports Facility Construction

You know the drill. There are five hundred pages of municipal construction guidelines, and if you miss one detail, your project could be set back for months. Don’t let that happen. Lacy Construction, a 70-year-old Midwest construction company, specializes in government construction projects. We know the codes. We know the pitfalls. We know how to do it right the first time.

Lacy Knows the Ins and Outs of Municipal Sports Facility Construction

Building a public sports facility is a special kind of challenge. There’s nothing like mixing the public’s every recreational aspiration with a set of complex facility requirements. From pools to parking, multi-sport flooring to metal-beam construction, we’ve been around this track a few times. Put us in the game, and we’ll make you a winner.

Library Construction, Museum Construction, the List Goes On

Whether you are tackling museum construction, library construction, or some other government construction project, Lacy knows how to navigate the government rulebook. You name it; we can handle it — new environmental guidelines, special funding requirements, municipal bidding processes. The list goes on. We’ve been staring at this growing list for 70 years straight.

Put Lacy Construction to Work for You

Everything we’ve ever learned in those 70 years gets added to our playbook. We grow. We improve. And we excel. We’d like to put all of those years behind your next municipal or government construction project. Whether you are building a community center or renovating city hall, we’re ready to get started.