WR Reserve – Kosher Beef Processing Plant

Overview of Project

This project is an upgrade to existing processing areas of the WR Reserve plant. Specifically, Lacy Construction has been tasked to upgrade the infrastructure and building to allow installation of all new equipment on the Kosher production side or the operation.

The Lacy Difference

The discovery of collapsed primary sanitary sewer lines caused indescribable difficulties. We were required to make full replacement of these lines without shutting down operations.
As a meet processing facility with a large number of employees, it became a hotbed for Covid19. We separated our operations and our employees from the plant personnel and were hypervigilant about following the CDC recommendations regarding the pandemic.

The owner contracted directly with a company from Poland to install the new “salt and soak” equipment required in Kosher beef production. This created a definite language barrier. We utilized translation software to overcome these difficulties.

Our client was most satisfied in our ability to find solutions to the hidden conditions that were discovered almost daily.

Quick Facts

Year: In progress – 9 month project

Size: 4500SF, 9

Contract Value: $1.5 million