Sandoz Elementary School, Lexington

Quick Facts

Year: Completed May 2020 (10 month project)

Size: 8,200SF new, 2200SF renovated

Contract Value: $1.8 million

Project Overview:

This project was an 8200SF addition with 2200 SF of renovation to create 8 new classrooms and to repurpose underused space into a cafeteria space for elementary students.

The Lacy Difference:

Commercial Contractor Nebraska Sandoz Elementary 1The two major challenges we overcame on this project was the issue of Very high ground water (less than 2’ below surface) and Maintaining full use of the existing facility by scheduling work to be completed during times without students and staff.

This project had a very strict budget. Lacy Construction provided guidance to the design team regarding more cost effective construction methods. Lexington did not have all of the trades necessary to complete this project. Lacy Construction was able to engage many subcontractors from outside of the Lexington area to fill the voids. Additionally, Lacy was also able to engage local subs that were available.

Our client deeply appreciated our skills in communication and understanding. One comment that was made by a district administrator, “The project is going so smoothly I kind of forgot we were doing an addition to one of our facilities.