Quick Facts

Size: 24,000 Sq. Ft. Renovation

Contract Value: $3.2 million

In a project aimed at better serving our veterans, Lacy Construction served as the general contractor for a difficult project at the Grand Island Veterans Home.

The project consisted of an addition to the Canteen that provides meals and various personal items for the clients. This addition opens into a new landscaped courtyard giving them the feeling of being in the “backyard at home”.

To support the new dining facilities, the entire kitchen was rebuilt transforming it into a state of the art preparation and holding facility. All of the work was performed in phases, with the kitchen never being closed during construction. This was possible because of the detailed planning of Lacy Construction Company and the dietary staff.

This project and the concurrent elevator project took a combined two years to complete. Without the close interaction of the project architect (Schemmer and Associates), Lacy Construction, and the Veterans Home staff, there were many challenging aspects that could have prevented the on time completion. Instead, this team met the challenge and completed the project on time, resulting in a facility with a satisfied owner.