Quick Facts

Year: 2015

Size: 18, 750-square-foot auto dealership

The new 18,751-square-foot Friesen Ford dealership consists of a new showroom, drive-in service center, write-up lanes, a parts department, a 10-bay service department and plenty of storage space. There is a large mezzanine that holds the HVAC equipment, as well as the parts storage. The exterior of the building makes a bold statement with decorative horizontal metal panels, glass curtain wall, composite aluminum panels and a curved Alpolic® metal composite brand wall. 

Jason Friesen, the dealership’s owner, wanted his building to be constructed modern in every way.

We met his expectations not only with the finishes and amenities within the building, but also with a centralized building control system. With this system, he has the ability to control lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems, door locks and access, as well as the security system, from the convenience of his smartphone!

Friesen Interior LR

In addition to the state-of-the-art building control systems, the service area, write-up area and parts inventory monitoring systems are the best available. Mr. Friesen made sure the customer was considered in every feature and it shows with the amenities that make the customer experience comfortable in every way.

The building’s electrical and HVAC systems are the most energy-efficient systems on the market today.

In addition to LED lighting, the geothermal heat pump systems will make the dealership one of the greenest buildings around. Even though a LEED designation wasn’t sought, with the energy efficiencies and the sustainability of the installed products, this building is a great example of being a “good environmental neighbor.”

During the construction process, there were the normal building challenges, but none were more daunting than the weather. During construction, a record-setting 54 inches of rain fell at the site. The most difficult task was the construction of the parking lot. Thanks to our GPS guided grading and concrete placement systems, we were able to set new company records for placement of the outside parking.