Your premier Midwest commercial contractor Nebraska for over 70 years, is Lacy construction. We offer general contracting and design, construction project management, and even facilities maintenance. First and foremost we believe you should have confidence and be able to trust your general contractor. Our team will focus on every phase of your project from start to completion. There are many fits for choosing Lacy, such as we use high-quality materials and innovative and efficient practice, along with our sustainable building design. You can ensure quality as our leadership is highly experienced and deeply educated. We never settle and we are constantly challenging our team.

When you’re looking for the best commercial contractor Nebraska, look no further than Lacy construction company. With over 70 years of experience, there’s no better choice. Our promise to you is to always put your time is our number one priority. Our commitment to you is to provide the best solution to meet your specific goals and needs. We believe in creating a positive first impression because we know your building says a lot about who you are and what you are. We provide the best of both worlds, combining old world craftsmanship with all of the current technology and industry advancements. Most of portly we will listen when you talk, your input is very valuable.

The best commercial contractor Nebraska provides construction services for specialized needs, specific needs school construction projects, along with retail and industrial construction services. When you are working with Lacy, you have the benefit of knowing that our craftsmanship and design have lasted a lifetime with sustainable building using high-quality materials and innovative and efficient practices. Our contractors have designed buildings ranging from elementary schools to cold storage and beef processing plants.

Our designs are hands down designed with function and athletics. We have designed state-of-the-art car dealerships, pools to be used in the communities, and even done work on veterans projects. Size is not a concern when it comes to Lacy contractors and construction. We can also remodel your existing structures, adding updated technology and features to old, classic, time-tested designs. So many people have trusted Lacy for over 70 years in this industry, put your faith in us and let us show you why our values are the best in the market. We understand your building says a lot about you and each time you talk we will listen and take every detail into consideration.

So give us a call at 308-384-2866, or visit our website at to get in touch with us today. We are looking forward to renovating your current building or building you new state-of-the-art facilities to showcase your business. If you want to contractor that you can trust to put your needs first and always provide you the best solution to meet your specific goals and needs, look no further than Lacy. See why so many people have trust in our 70 years of experience and made us their number one choice in general contracting.

Where Can You Find A Commercial Contractor Nebraska?

If you’re looking for in top-notch, commercial contractor Nebraska, look no further than Lacy construction company. With over 70 years of experience with come see why so many others have made us their top choice in general contracting. Whether it’s a current building that needs to be renovated or a brand-new state-of-the-art structure, Lacy can handle it. First and foremost we value trust above everything else. When you talk to your Lacy contractor, you can rest assured that they are listening to every detail to ensure you get the product you’re looking for.

When it comes to trust, commercial contractor Nebraska, it is our first job. We understand the importance and relying on us to provide a finished product that meets every need of yours, and every specific detail. If you can’t trust us to pay attention when you’re laying out the design, we have ultimately failed at the beginning. Your trust will not be taken for granted, as we focus solely on each and every detail and need that you give us. We also know that your time is valuable, we will not waste your time with unnecessary meetings. Give us your budget and not only will we keep it but we will also keep detailed records and provide them any time needed throughout the entire process.

If you’re looking for commercial contractor Nebraska, and you want your business to be a priority, look no further than Lacy construction. We strive to deliver quality work and meet each and every one of your goals, to provide you the business solution you’re looking for. We understand the design of your building says a lot about who you are, each and every detail is very important to us just as it is to you. We guarantee satisfaction and it is very important to us, should you ever have a complaint regarding our services, please bring it to us and let us resolve it as soon as possible.

Whether you’re designing a new building from the ground up, or renovating an old building incorporating new technologies and industry standards, Lacy contractor is there for you. No building is too big or small, and our job we guarantee satisfaction and a quality product. Our general contractors will listen before they speak, and follow the schedule and provide quality work. We know your time is valuable, and it will not be wasted with unneeded meetings. Trust us at Lacy construction, to keep you involved in every phase of the project from start to completion.

We can’t wait to hear from you at 308-384-2866, or visit us online at to schedule an appointment today. Come see why for over 70 years there’s been no better choice in general contracting. When customers look to a contractor they can trust, they call Lacy. Our time management and unparalleled dedication to quality, at a price you can afford, cannot be beaten. When you want to build that directly expresses who you are as a customer, there is no better choice than Lacy to make it happen.