Lacy Construction Company has been and the construction and general contracting business for over 70 years and that is why they are the Best Commercial Contractor Nebraska. This many decades of experience is that we truly know were doing and we are able to help you better than anyone that you could imagine. We know how to help our customers us because we actually listen to them and asked to care about what they want. We don’t just go off of what we think they should have or what our vision is for what they’re saying they want for the company, but it’s what we know that they are saying they want and we deliver that every single time.

If you tell us that you want a building with a peak on top that reaches 50 feet and you want a bottom floor that is nothing but glass windows and you want it matters going up every side or some kind of crazy spiral architecture happening, we are truly going to listen to what you want in the morning to tell you what we’ve done in the past that we know can incorporate into what you’re wanting and ready to help you with our experience and our expertise by telling you what can and cannot work architecturally, but beyond that we are going to actually give you what you want to revision.

We don’t actually believe in taking over what a client’s vision is working to listen to what you’re asking us to do them are going to deliver that. As long as it’s something that we know it to be safe and architecturally sound and not collapse on you within a year, working to be able to do it. We know how to do things safely and correctly Emmerich in a the first time that and another we are truly the Best Commercial Contractor Nebraska in the industry here in Nebraska.

Another is that you work with us is because we have experience in a multitude of different industries. We worked with people from building schools to building churches. We’ve built medical facilities. We have developed grocery stores even. Some of this is us also going in and helping them with their management of the construction so were able to help them with building display cases and a back room for the employees. We can even help with building out a simple office space if you’d like.

No matter where your building is located or where you would like us to start construction for your billing, we can either help you with the remodeling or we can help you with the actual contracting of a brand-new building. Here I Lacy Construction Company we know that we are the true experts are going to give you what you need. We are going to be your favorite chores for Best Commercial Contractor Nebraska and we know that we can that you. You can go to our website which is and find more information or you can call us by dialing a number which is 308-384-2866 lettuce are helping you today.

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If you’re part of your community planning team and you have all voted on getting a brand-new school built for the district, then you have the Best Commercial Contractor Nebraska working for you. This is because whoever is building this you’re gonna want to know that they are the highest rated and most reviewed and most safety minded professionals in the industry. We want you to truly feel like you have got the safest builders working on your school so that you know that your students and your teachers are safe. With all the things in the world to worry about, we won another one of her kids are going to school, they are safe in their secure and we don’t have to worry about anything especially the building are being built safely.

You can go to our website and see all the different product we worked on as well as different things that we have worked on in other industries such schools. We have helped build so many different kinds of commercial holdings and properties and we know that we can do the best job for you for your commercial property. Matter what kind of initiator and in what kind of building your wanting, just let us your vision and to create that for you. We currently can make it with our customers because we want to get them truly what they desire.

Were to work hard to build your transfer so that you know that when working on your building will actually give you everything that were saying and really enjoy your asking us to. Is a vision that you have for your building is something abstract Tina really know what you want but you know you have us on your head of a general idea of how you wanted to look, just work through that with our designers because they can be to plan their direction of what it could look like and make sure that matches what you need. This is why we are the Best Commercial Contractor Nebraska and were going to be able to show you that.

Our designers again be able to walk you through everything that you’re thinking of and create a design with use of that you’re happy with what you’re seeing. We know that you will have visions and they don’t know how to execute them or they don’t really know how to explain them, so one of the things that we love to do is just sit and talk through ideas with the owner and start drawing it out as her talking so they can point us to where we are understanding correctly and where we need to work a little harder on trying to communicate what they’re wanting and what were wanting to draw.

Lacy Construction Company is truly the ultimate and Best Commercial Contractor Nebraska in the business. We been here for very long time and we know that we can give you the best services possible. So give us a call at 308-384-2866 so we can walk you through how to start with us. Or you can find us online by going to our website which is