New paperless system to provide fast track construction solutions

Our customers and partners depend on us to keep their construction project and ultimately their business plans on track. For 70 years, we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of construction solutions and business technology to remain one of the country’s top construction companies. This year, we implemented a paperless office system to give us an edge in construction project management.

Whether we’re building a school, hospital, retail center or new office complex, process improvement can’t be an afterthought. If one of our processes breaks down, it’s our customers’ business that suffers, and that is unacceptable at Lacy Construction. Sage Paperless Construction, our new paperless business system, is the just latest way we are continuing to earn and deserve the trust of every customer and every partner.

Sage Paperless Construction, a fast track construction solution for our customers

With the Sage Paperless Construction project management system, we’ve gone completely paperless. We’re gaining efficiencies and cutting costs daily.

We can answer any customer question, access any critical piece of data, and distribute any time-sensitive document — any time, any place, from any device. That’s not just pretty cool, it’s what is helping us deliver high-quality construction more quickly and more efficiently than ever before. That makes for some pretty happy customers. And at the end of the day, serving customers better is why we do pretty much everything we do.

A construction project management tool to streamline processes

With our new system, Lacy Construction and all of our partners can do more for our customers with increased confidence in the outcomes.

At Lacy Construction, we have more than 50 employees and 120 subcontractors, all of who need instant collaboration at their fingertips. Our team has access to on-demand construction data, and they can have complete confidence that the information they are relying on is timely and accurate. Not only is our business gaining efficiencies we didn’t anticipate, but the new communication channels are improving our partners’ businesses as well. When our partners work more efficiently, Lacy Construction works more efficiently.

The new paperless system touches almost every part of our business. Approval processes, design reviews, and other collaborative activities that could take weeks are now often completed in hours or days. Billing and estimating projects are now seamless thanks to this paperless business system. Timely billing, data reliability, and document version control have removed opportunities for error throughout every part of the construction project management process.

The impact of our new SAGE paperless office system is measurable. The data we’re gathering so far is trending toward significant gains in efficiency and accuracy across the board.

Happy customers. Loyal partners. Engaged employees. What could be better?